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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Journey To thE EaST...... episode 2: Borneo Nature & Wildlife (Sarawak)

Its me again... Well, on 17 November 2007, I had drove you guys enjoying the Sarawak's attractions. Today, I will bring you guys to explore and experience the nature and wildlife available in Borneo island ( maybe you will discover new species and you will become another member for Discovery Channel. So, must try it).

The Pinnacles are a series of 45-metre high limestone formations that protrude skywards in the shape of spikes. Located on the way to Api Mountain in Mulu Park, reaching the Pinnacles is a tough climb which requires a certain degree of fitness. The reward is a fantastic view of the limestone spikes that you can even explore and climb around.

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehab
This is a reserve in Sememggoh for the famous primates of Borneo ��������� the Orang-Utan. In this 740-hectare reserve, orang-utans are set free and taught survival skills so that they can return to the wild. There is also a plank walk cutting through the surrounding forest for you to view the variety of trees that grow here.

Matang Wildlife CentreThe Matang Wildlife Centre is about 35 km away from Kuching in Kubah National Park. Here, endangered wildlife species are kept in either large rainforest enclosures or cages. Orang-Utans are also kept here and taught survival skills to readapt to the wild. Other animals you can see here include Sun bears, Sambar deer and civet cats. There are also three large aviaries housing hornbills and eagles.

Miri Crocodile Farm

The Miri Crocodile Farm houses more than a thousand salt and freshwater crocodiles in enclosures on the 22-acre grounds. Besides seeing the crocodiles feed and bask in the sun, you can explore the mini-zoo which houses monkeys, birds and other animals. Visitors can purchase crocodile-related merchandise here as well.

Jong's Crocodile Farm
Jong���������s Crocodile Farm is 29 km away from Kuching. Established in 1963, the farm predominantly bred and raised crocodiles for the leather trade but was later converted into a mini-zoo. Other animals you can find here include deer, wild boars, gibbons, bears, iguanas and birds. Make sure to catch the feeding times in the afternoons to see these awesome creatures in their element.

Satang Island
The Satang Islands are a special place for Green turtles to come and lay their eggs. Located near Santubong, these islands have been gazetted as a turtle sanctuary and collection of eggs for the dinner table has been banned. Here, you can visit the nurseries and see how the rangers collect, monitor and release them to sea.

Gunung Murud
Gunung Murud is Sarawak���������s highest peak located in the Kelabit Highlands. At 2,423 meters, the mountain was first conquered by Swedish explorer and naturalist Dr. Eric Mjoberg in 1922. Today, the mountain is a popular place for researchers who come to study its rich flora and fauna.

After enjoying the pictures and the brief description, I believe some of you are considering of going to Kuching. You are welcome!!!!!

Attention: Coming up Next- Sarawak Rivers~ Lemanak, Skrang and Rejang


Sheng said...

Been living there for 18 years and yet never been to those places mentioned more than half ;) I Rules

Anonymous said...

nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.