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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Home Made Nike Advertisement

Since there's nothing for me to write about today, so i have prepared a video clip (abit outdated) for YOU.

This video is a home made 'Nike Air Max 360 Advertisement' and the crews are:

main director- Lim Ee Chia (its me)
co. director and main editor -Max
Helper in editing + idea - Wang Soon Jeng

Actor- Goh Wei Tat
Actress- Cristy Wong

Venue - Somewhere in Sg. Long
Equipments used- Tripod + Olympus Digi. Camera (forgotten which model used)
Shoes used - of course not original Nike Air Max 360 ( too expensive costs RM6++.++)
Date of production - 18 July 2007

Actually, this is part of our course syllabus and this is the assignment we were responsible to accomplish.

LETS ROLL IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you all 'enjoy' this video clip and PLEASE DON'T LAUGH ( jk ya.....coz i laughed too when i watched it)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shopaholic SpiriT revealed!!!!!!


I shoud write this post yesterday, but u know laH.... ShoooooPing the whole day is damn tired.... So, i delayed the post until today at this time..... (start writing at 11.00pm)

What to say? All i can said yesterday was JusT FanstastiC and ReLaxIng!!!!!!!!!!!! HurraY!!!! After two months din go for shopping, at last i was able to complete part of my sHopping yesterday.

Guess!!!!! Where had i been to.........

I know u guys wouldn't GUESS d........... Just look at the picture below, I believe u recognized them.


YES!!!!!!! Dats the places i visited yesterday. These two places were just enough for me to spend my whole precious day. (why? coz yesterday was my off day.... u shud noe what i mean rite?)

Anyway, I enjoyed the day together with my girlfriend!!!!!!!

and of coz we had bought something..... Although not much we had bought, but it still an amount there.

SEE!!!!! WE BOUGHT........

J.CO Donuts from Pavilion ( 1 piece was eaten after bought)

These donuts really melted me while i'm in queue to wait for my turn.

Cosmetic case bought from Watson for my lovely one (actually i bought it coz i can get it cheaper using PwP)

3D christmas card (since i don't have any real christmas tree, so i bought it to convince myself)

2 Polo shirt from Sub Zero (fuck!!!! its damn xpensive.... Look simple rite? They cost me RM184... Oh my goD!!!! Actually, xpensive or not aR???)

Not To ForgeT!!!!! We watched

The movie was so fanstastic until i wish to watch over again.... Let me try to search whether it is available in downloads website... (not i dun wan to pay, i worry i do not afford to pay for the tickets coz it makes me wanna watch again and again... If everytime visit Cinema, they will earn money and i will lost money.. Not fair rite??? Lolz........ Hahaha..... jk laR... don't take it so serious aR.. especially those who are fully support ORIGINAL!)

After all, we make our way back to home.. This doesn't mean it is the end for the day... We did served our dinner at Station 1..... Steak and Steak and Steak!!!!!..... Cool man.... but we were limited to the menu.... The menu only contains two pages and lots of F&B were not found.... But still ok lar the taste... at least still maintain the quality.....

I think thats all my contains today!!!!!!! Haiz...... Anway, on 25th December 2007, i was assigned to take care of my shoes' counter.... Obviously there is no holiday, but i get TRIPLE paid for the day.....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Lets Christmas!!!!!!!!


Everyone!!!!! Christmas is coming soon... very very very soon. It is less than a week!!! Have you bought any present for your friends or your family members?????? YES or NO??????? If yes, then piss off... If you still merry go round and dun have any idea to buy presents for 'ME'.... u can visit Robinsons to hunt for ur preference items!!!!! Wanna me to list down all the items I wish to receive....????

With your purchases in Robinsons, you will entitle to win different prizes. Of coz, it has to depends on your own LUCK...

Please see more details by click at here


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

This is where i belong To......

This is where i belong to.... i'm no longer belong to Kuching... nvm, i love paris too... How about you? Where do you belong to? New York, Africa, China, Malaysia...etc??? Please send me a notfication when u found where u belong to..

You Belong in Paris

Stylish and expressive, you were meant for Paris.
The art, the fashion, the wine!
Whether you're enjoying the cafe life or a beautiful park...
You'll love living in the most chic place on earth.


How If thIs HapPened to You????

We watch Survivor, Fear Factor, Wheel of Fortune, Who wants to be A millionaire, Jacky Wu- Monkey & Guess, 15/16 and etc. These are the game shows that are quite familiar to all of you... Rite? Probably some of u watch Japanese Game Show too, and those who watched shud know Japanese Game Show are damn funny and it may make a person laugh to death.

These are how you react when watching those game show and tv show....

Watch Only? Do you ever think of participating in those Game Show if there's a GOLDEN chance for you...? How about if you are put into a trick such as shown below?


Monday, December 17, 2007

JUDGE ME....Any Comment(s)??????

When you are reading this post, you are required to post a comment. Its a compulsory!!!!




Figure 1: This is the photo of me and my gf

(comments and critics are welcomed)

*comments and critics collected are used as personal reference.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Try Not tO tuRn ouT aS shOwn!!!!!!

Imagine! Ask you imagine laR..... Everyday, we stick to the computer and electronic devices doing some chatting, playing online game, LAN game (Dota), web browsing and other activities. Of coz, our fingers are busy as well as we put them on the keyboard and mouse all the time. This can be meant our fingers and the keyboards and mouse have a close relationships.... Rite??? But can u imagine u will turn out like what shown in the video?

Probably your answer will be NO NO NO!!!!! but dun say NO to this too early.... Hehehe..... Coz, if u really turn out like this... Tanjung Rambutan is waiting for YOU!!!!! Hahaha......

So enjoy the stupid video!!!! (taken from youtube and i believe most of u know bout this video clip) If you never watch this video clip before, plz notify me... ( the video is somehow a bit irritating)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

10 Holiday Gifts That Could Ruin A Romance

Apparently, this is the content i'm going to write about before the exam hit on my body.... Counting! the exam will hit me within the next 3 hours 20 mins. I visited Yahoo! this morning and i found this featured article: 10 Holiday Gifts That Could Ruin A Romance.

Its quite interesting for those who are intentionally sending their boyfriend @ girlfriend a gift especially when Christmas is coming soon not far away from the date stated. (of coz you are not giving your darling or dear a gift only during Christmas rite? Cheh...... Take this as a reference for your future laR)


Gift to avoid #1:
Unless you are planning on proposing, avoid gifting jewelry, especially a ring, as that perceived level of commitment may intimidate your sweetheart.

Gift to avoid #2:
While a ring may be considered overboard, anything impersonal, such as a kitchen appliance or gift card can be construed as thoughtless or insincere.

Gift to avoid #3:
Avoid gifting lingerie for your first holidays together. It may be considered too intimate and send the wrong message.

Gift to avoid #4:
Gifting something selfish, such as sporting event tickets when you know your significant other isn't a sports fan, can relay that you may be more focused on your own interests than that of the person you are getting the gift for.

Gift to avoid #5:
Work-related items that promote efficiency at the office should generally be avoided. Why bring up "work" during the holidays, which is a time for relaxation.

Gift to avoid #6:
Clothing may be offensive, especially if you aren't sure about what size to purchase.

Gift to avoid #7:
Animals as presents are generally bad ideas unless you know the person very well. Pets are huge commitments and way too serious for a "first holiday" together.

Gift to avoid #8:
Re-gifting is never a good idea, especially if it's a gift from a past relationship.

Gift to avoid #9:
Forget cliches, such as boxes of chocolates or flowers. They show little thought or effort.

Gift to avoid #10:
Avoid gifts that may suggest that your significant other needs to change something about himself/herself, such as exercise clothes or gym equipment, which may say that he/she doesn't look good enough as he/she is.

After reading the suggestions, what do you think? Do you agree on it as well???
Personally, i agree with the 'gift to avoid 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10......' In short, i agree with all shown above...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Exam Exam Exam!!!!!!!

Actually i should not blog specially at this time coz there's sumthing evil waiting for me to feed tomorrow. Get it? Its tomorrow... Whats That? EXAM lor..... What else.... Haiz....

I have woke up early in the morning (11am early or not?) to start struggling with the book....

OH my gosh, need to study 10 chapters... damn a lot laR.... Coz of this book specifically named as the subject Customer Relationship Management (CRM), i dunnoe whether i shud called its hard or easy for me to study... From the 1st chapter to the last chapter, bla bla bla... Toking the same things.... (but still afraid of the word FAIL lar).. Still hav to study!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just because of this, throughout the day.... this is what relects from my eyes... The world is colorless...
I see the brightness (daytime ma) but i din see any color except for bronze @ brown colour (consider color blind lar hor, right?)...

After all, there's ntg for me to blog about today.... Coz i have to glue myself to the CRM book to get an 'A'.....


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Clothes & Accessories Hunter: Part 2

Hey, You are reading my blog right??? Of coz lar... if not???? Hehehe.... Batman returned after mission accomplished and this hero has surf around to hunt food for girls.... Here comes the food.... Opppssss....... wait!!!!!! do you all prepare $$$$$ to paid for it???? All right, you may start to grab ur favourite 'needs' nw!!!! Happy ShoppinG!!!!!!

Before, i would like to mention here... Very sorry 1st of all, i only able to found ONE site for this time (summore is not a blog site)... However, dun worry... i have observed the site... fu YoH!!!!!! damn a lot of clothes (even my gf is attracted wif it, pokkai lo me this time.. wallet bleeding!!!)





Here you go!!!! Go go go!!!!!

Trendy Fashion House

dun worry!!! i will go around the world to search more for you all.. Especially GIRLS!!! Right?

Monday, December 10, 2007


' Clothes & Accessories Hunter: Part 2' is coming up within the next 24 hours... Be prepared extra money to spend!!!! Arrr......... Hohohoho.....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

~Clothes & Accessories Hunter~

Looking for new clothes & some accessories? Too busy with work and lack of time to hunt for them? Want to get cheap price while enjoying the brand new design? Don't worry! All you have to do now, move your mouse to the pictures shown below and make a click on it.

Is that the clothes & accessories you desired to own?

You can do your shopping during working hours. How wonderful is it!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Far from a Fairytale Life: le spring.

Far from a Fairytale Life: le spring.

At last, The Spring tenants list comes out and i found there's a lot of my favourite shops joined The Spring shopping mall. Sushi King and Kenny Roger especially are my favourite place to visit when i'm in hunger. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love You So mUch!!!!!!! Congratulation to Kuching!

YEAH!!!! The 5th Incoming Nuffnang Ads~

As usual, i wake up around 10am to start squeezing my brain's juice to wet the CRM books and notes. Eventually, i'm thinking of blogging again, but i don't know what to blog about coz there's ntg 'special' happened. So, i visit my mailbox again and again. Hey!!!!!! I found there several new messages. One of them is sent from Nuffnang. It's regarding the incoming ads to my blog. WAh!!! In total, i have received 5 ads offered by Nuffnang.

After all, of course I'm excited and satisfied with the offer. Everyone love MONEY..... MONEY=HAPPY. Never regret to become a Nuffnanger!!!!!!



Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blog Review 2

Since I'm off duty today, i'm slacking of time. I suppose to wake up at 8am to strive for my final exam which is coming soon on next Thursday, but i ended to wake up at 11am. Oh my god, 3 hour can let me put quite a lot of learning knowledge into my brain's pocket. Hehehe...... Of coz, i never study straight away after wake up. I practice my daily activities again - 'Net Surfing' and ' Sneak into others blogs'.

I found there's quite no. of blogs that are interesting but i decided introduce 3 of them to all of you. Feedback is welcomed on the blogs i recommended.

Its a blog writing about female celebrities... Holy Shit....!!! You might found it interesting if u are a guy as well as if u are a female.. In this blog, you can found a lot of hot, sexy and pretty celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, Milla Jovovich, McDonald Madonna and etc.(Attention: For Guys, after reading. Don't Activate your 'Didi' Oh!!!) WoR!!!!!! I visited the blog and its pretty cool... (download those sexy pic to set as background)...

2. Healthy Aging With

I also forgotten how i gt into this blog.. maybe it pop up by itself or i had sneaked to the wrong webpage. Nevertheless, its fine... I found there are certain articles that had attracted my attention such as 'should FDA reclassify dietary supplements', 'do you meme?' and does it matter you are walking forward or backwards?'. If you are thinking of diet now. You may proceed to this page to take a look on hw to have a healthy diet methods.

3. Steven Goh's Great Food, Travel and Lifestyle

Oh my god, the page is full with photos and they look somehow delicious. Don't read this blog when u feel hungry because it might torture your small tummy. Instead, the blog is quite interesting introducing variety of delicious food throughout the Malaysia region. (Dunno whether Sarawak and Sabah is included or not). For those who love food very much, you can take a tour to this blog and find out more delicious food. (i'm a food lover as well). As well as those who like to travel around, u can get some guides through this page as well.

Happy reading and Happy Blogging...

Lets Get Laugh...... Hahahaha!!!!!!!

Lets have some funny short animated story. If u understand Chinese words, u can read the dialog too. If u don't, its ok... u might understand the story line.

please click

Announcement...... WARNING!!!!!!

Blog's Review will going to conquer your PC screen within 24 hours from now!!!!!!
We are the SPARTAN!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lucky DaY 4 me....

Oh my goD!!!! i never think of myself will be so lucky today... In the past few days, i was totally sticked by a damn big bad luck shadow... it made me feel very frustrated and think of kicking the 'shadow' ass with my ultra powerful foot. However, i failed to do so coz i can't even reached him.


Today, i still holding an unbroken egg for my sales for men's leather shoes.... wat a poor guy am i.. i'm have been holding 'zero' sales for 2 days included today... What a sad case it is. Its ok( even gt sales i also wouldn't receive any commission bcoz i'm just a normal handsome part-timer)!!! coz Robinsons shoppers can be counted with fingers... I never saw others department store having this kind of bad business during sales... 'CONGRATULATION' to Robinsons!!

Why i said i'm so lucky today? Actually, i always keep a very low expectation for the KTM (Kereta Turtle Malaysia) coz they always announced they are facing some technical problems and the train will arrived later..... Later....... Later...... and mostly the expected arrival time shown does not meet the actual arrival time. But today, i get to step into the cabin once i bought the ticket to the pointed destination.... I never meet this kind of situation BEFORE!!!! YEah!!!!! The amazing part was the cabin did not squeezed with a lot of 'nice' smell passengers. Ok.... tu tu tu..... the train reached the destination. I gt down from the train and headed to the bus stop... Once again i shouted 'OH MY GOD'!!!!! the bus to my small town had arrived just about after 5 mins i gt down from the train... This is hw i reached at home in an hour time!!! wahahaha!!!! HOpe this will continue in the future.... May God Bless Me!!!!!!!

p/s: Sorry for stop blogging in the past few days........

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ghost Buster subsidary Agency --> Corruption Buster!!!!!!

I came across the Yellow Post (free copy) yesterday when i took a piece of it from the monorail station. The headline is talking about Corruption( you know laR..... Malaysia is also 1 of the countries dat are famous with Corruption cases, but why the ranking is at 43? True o not oh.... Dunnoe laR).

Can see from the picture? Corruption-busting D.I.Y <--- does it work? Maybe it works, maybe not. (DIY term mostly is used for ART).... Corruption has became part of the Arts... Hahahaha....... Maybe you might found it's not funny.

From the reading, the guy that wearing 'songkok' named Dato' Abu Zubir Bin Hj. Mahfodz (see picture below)

has suggested the public to fight corruption by DO IT YOURSELF instead of just report to the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) and let them follow up the investigation. (Perhaps the ACA is trying to 'curi tulang' but they can't because there are too many works on their hands. So, they come out with this 'smart' planning.. <--- no offense aR)

However, throughout the passage... I only found two ways to DIY the corruption busting (no inspiration comes into his mind).
1. Ask for delay in paying the bribe to the other party.
2. Photocopy the money or just jot down the cash's serial no. before handing over the bribe to the enforcement personnel. ( The article stated it's a daring approach. Do you think so?)

LAME!!!!!!! COPY CAT!!!!

After all, still have to contact the ACA for backup. Aduh!!!!! What kind of DIY oh.... Haiz.... Lazy to talk more about it edi.... Leave it to u all to discuss about it.... If interested.

p/s: If u had read this article.. Post comments on how you look about this article...... page 5 yellow post, issue 58.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

~Review on BLOGS~

After blogging for quite some time (around 1 months +), I had read a lot of others blogs and leave a comment on their post. Today, a rainy day again. (luckily i move faster back to home before the rain is attacking the small town). I'm have been sitting in front of the computer thinking of what am i going to write today. I visited again to blogs i'm familiar with. Here comes the sudden brilliant inspirations from my brain. Why don't i write a reviews on others blogs better than just reading their blogs personally. So, i decided to pick up some blogs to write on. (p/s: to the selected bloggers, thanks to me AR!!!!! Hehehehe.....) These are some of the blogs that i found its quite interesting to read with a cup of hot coffee beside you. Perhaps, you may need some snacks (not snake ar) such as Mister Potatoes, Pringles, Twisties and etc. Why i said those blogs are worth to read? Let me start by introducing each of them.

1. BB Marketplace

This is the blog where u can gather information about what exist in the IT industry (recommended for those who are in love with IT, probably IT freak). Probably u might not interested in it, but try to view it.

2. Flux

This guy always crapping about the happenings around him. His blog is quite creative and there are more posts will coming soon on his blog. But i think he will stop blogging for bout few weeks (not more than 1 month) coz he is scratching his bore head and squeezing his brain preparing for the horrible final exam.


Is a charming girl's blog that also crapping about the happenings around her. Actually, it is more to diary where she drop down her daily life in the blog. (I thought diary is for personal.. but dun care laR). U might found some funny incidents in her blog too..... Its really funny.

4. Geek Goddess

A singaporean who is struggling for her exam in NUS right now, MMm.... about her blog... juz like the previous 'xiao mei mei' and 'xiao di di' crapping about her life... but her blog is more to her personal expression and experience.....

5. Merdurian

A blog that posting new findings, online stuffs, culture and bla bla bla..... I only know the blogger is a female after i saw her displayed pic. (Merdurian sound like a guy nickname hor..... dun mind ar merdurian)

Hehehehe..... these are the blogs i found its quite interesting (personal opinion aR)....... So, if you guys discover any other blogs that are quite interesting as well... DO remember to inform me ya, coz i like to read and snatch the ideas from them as well. Of coz, i wouldn't be so stupid to repost their contents... Juz wanna to get some extraordinary inspirations from my smart little brain. (Yeah!!! i'm praising myself..... Admit it oh!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


First and foremost, i would like to say that i'm a newbie in blogging. I joined ADVERTLETS, NUFFNANG and GOOGLE ADSENSE too (earn some side income instead of juz blogging around, at least can cover part of my utilities fees). All the while, i always thought ADVERTLETS provides more opportunities for the bloggers to earn some pocket money than NUFFNANG. Eventually, i found this is not true (personal opinion). Why? bcoz NUFFNANG has sent me email told me i have three incoming ads to my blog (2 hav been placed, 1 next week)..... And the earning are much higher than what i expected.

But, ADVERTLETS does not act the same way. Why? Coz they only provide CPC ads rather than CPM ads. (Nuffnang also provides CPC ads as well). I was so upset with the services provided by ADVERTLETS and I hope ADVERTLETS could take this into CONSIDERATION.

Below are some of the ways that ADVERTLETS could do to make the blogger more happier.
1. Instead of providing CPC ads, provides CPM ads as well to qualified acc holder (blogger).
2. Set minimum cash out amount to RM50. (RM100 is too long for some to accumulate)
3. Set up a forum/discussion corner (e.g Nuffnang Innit) to increase bloggers traffic.
4. Set up a traffic indicator to let the blogger who had visited their blog and where they came from (poll is not accurate).

Currently, these are some of the ways how Advertlets can improve itself..... Nuffnang well done! Advertlets work hard!!! advertisers+bloggers = money+happy <--- still remember??? Nuffnang had done so.... How about you, ADVERTLETS?

p/s: all viewers @ readers are welcomed to drop some comments on this post.. Thank you

Today's incident....

it suppose to be a very happy ending day for me, but things seldom goes well in my life (i mean for this 21 years)..... First, my parents are going for a vacation today to for 10 days and i was left behind. (Arrr...... coz i'm having my short semester). However, i wish them have a happy holidays and sweet memory during their vacation (dun deliver me another brother/sister ya). Dats fine. i admit it becoz education is much more important than vacation.

Next, when i was going to a briefing (stupid briefing dat i should not attend coz i had sacrifice my zzzz..... time counting sheeps to 100) for the elective subjects that we are 'forced' to take in the next semester. The damn hot burning weather was killing me. My head seem like burning as well as my body too (eat curry mee oso not that 'cham'). During the briefing, actually i had made decision to take Economic as my elective, but the lecturer looks like trying to force us to take Product Management. Ok! seems the passing rate is higher and i'm interested in it also (Blueks... Talk shit rite?)... So, i decide to take it. Briefing end....

When i walked back to my lovely, warm little house. Oh my goD, the sky suddenly turn dark.... (juz like in the movie "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW") Until the half way, my dearest brother (because of same surname) called me and asked me to pay him RM50... Oh shit, i only left RM70 (still have to pay because i owe him)......After paid, only left RM20 in my small tiny wallet. Anyone can 'ah long' me some money??? Perhaps my little brother can.... Hehehe.....

This is what happens today. What's coming up next??? I also dunno. Juz hope things go well.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ANYONE who knows POCOYO???

I'm suppose to grab my books and flip through every single page to start study for my final exam (I did so about 3 hours before), but coz of my proactive fingers that always miss the keyboards. I cannot defeat them and end up sticking on the chair in front of my computer. So, here i started to click on this click on that... Discover sumthing new juz like i'm working as the Discovery Channel crews.

This comes when i was clicking on one of my friend profile in Friendster, i found this picture is so cute and chubby. I was so curious to know about that character and i found the character in the newspaper as well. Hehehehe.... Finally, i found the POCOYO official website and the description about the character. "Pocoyo is a pre-school animated cartoon series about a young boy who dresses in blue and who is full of curiosity. Viewers are encouraged to recognise situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him." - quoted from wikipedia. The purpose of this programme is to let the viewers especially kids to learn while have a laughter during watching TV. (I'm wondering whether am i so outdated, the programme has been released for a long time but i never realize.... haiz..........)

For those who are interested with it, u may login to the official website at or the official blog at