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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

07.11.2007- Nothing special happens

As the day started to turn into dark, there is nothing special happen today. What i had done today is:
1. watching hong kong series which i had downloaded
2. attend 1 lecture for two hours (but had prepared for 1 1/2 hour)
3. take 'roti canai' as breakfast ( the only meal i had served for the whole day)
4. go for Loreal brainstorming & e-strat competition briefing

Haiz....... what a boring day in my life. It is not the first time i have faced these stuffs. Just i really don't know what to do..... can sumone suggest on me what should i do to eliminate my 'boring' days which i might not know when i will facing it again?? Help!!


Anonymous said...

hey,whole day only eat 1 roti canai??
torturing urself meh?
it's more easily to get fat like tat, believe me :)
better eat normal meals,ok?
take good care oh~

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

how to say dat?? i never eat too much portion even i eat less 1 meal.. dis oso will fat??? weird.. anyway, thanx ya...