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Friday, May 30, 2008


After waiting for 3 weeks, the result has been released today. I dunno whether i should feel happy or a bit upset. For the past 3 weeks, i was so curious to know when the result will be announced in the intranet (use only when I want to check result and check the holidays). But today, i hope the result will not be announced for forever.


I GoT A 'C+' !!!!

Oh my god! I never seen this appear in my result slips before. This is the 1st time i get 'C' throughout the years I study in this University. At the same time, I never expect I can get an 'A' for Marketing Research In Practice. I have 2 feelings at this moment. One is SHOCK and another one is SURPRISE. One is HAPPY and another one is SAD (anyone who want to eat 'rojak' can take order from me).

Although I got a 'C', but my main concern is still on my CGPA. Luckily, my CGPA still above 3.00. THANKS TO GOD!!!! Even though there is a little fall back from the previous, from 3.48 to 3.44. A 0.04 difference between the results. However, I BELIEVE (as how Easy Pha-max slogan stated) there is one day i can break through 3.5 and above.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Easy Pha-max "Forum Keunggulan PLC"

On 31st May 2008, Easy Pha-max will organize a forum designed for Malays (of coz other races can participate as well) who would like to earn any extra money except for just spending their money in purchasing health care products at PICC (Putrajaya International Conference Centre).

The registration fee is RM198 per person (at this moment) and seats are limited. For those who are interested, you can kindly call me at 016-8938787 (Lim Ee Chia)

From the past years, a lots of people thought that Easy Pha-max having this kind of program is just another fraud scheme (you can visit to read the comments). But today, Easy Pha-max has proved that you will have the chance to get back what you have invested. Although the company cannot 100% guarantee compensate the RETURNS you has invested, but the company has 99% confidence will pay you whatever promised when you do the investment.

In this year, Easy Pha-max has spent RM10 million in their Advertising and Promotion programs throughout the Malaysia. The main objective is to build a brand image in the mind of the customers and target markets.

So, have you seen the advertisements or banners? I believe some of you had saw or read about this company in the newspapers during the past few days.

Before i end the words, I really hope you guys can see the opportunity and will appreciate for what is being placed in front of your eyes. If you miss the chance, you can never chase them back.

For any information inquiries, kindly email me at or call me at 016-8938787.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Tour to Discover Easy Pha-max with Malaysia Hari Ini (Ep 1)

Maybe some of you still have doubt and wonder about what actually Easy Pha-max is and what are they operating in the market....

Are they doing MLM / direct selling or they are just like another lamp berger or another pyramid scheme???????

Today, let our TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini crews bring you to Easy Pha-max. (For those who has watched the 1st Episode, please inform me and give me some comments)



So how's your feeling and what comments after you watch this video?

Its a great opportunity for those who wish to earn more than their current income. Don't miss the chance and remember to catch up while its still there.

To purchase:

For further information about member, please call me at
016-8938787 (LIM EE CHIA)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Very very very brief introduction of company profile & MESSAGE OF THE FOUNDER!!!!!

For those who wants to know what actually easypha-max is doing

Please review to the picture below, I copy it from the website:

Long to short, Easy Pha-max is a biotechnology herbs (a.k.a bio-herbs) company that concentrate in manufacturing and developing as well as marketing the health care products to the public. At the same time, lets the consumers enjoy the benefits when become a members. (introduction of company will be revealed on 2molo)

A GOOD NEWS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! Easy Pha-max is going to set up their physical concept shops throughout the whole Malaysia starts from June - December with the total of 60 - 80 units. Please inform me if u see any Easy Pha-max shop is opening around in Malaysia.

For information:

To purchase:

For further information about member, please call me at
016-8938787 (LIM EE CHIA)

note: I will not be around in peninsular Malaysia from 09-05-2008 to 23-06-2008.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Easy Pha-max on TV!!!!!

For those who don't know, u must catch it

For those who know about it, please continue to watch it!

Started from 22-04-2008 to 10-06-2008, Easy Pha-max has been scheduled on TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) TV program for 7 weeks to introduce the background of the company, continue with the products, distribution channels, marketing activities and etc..... Below is the schedule:

For more information, please visit
call me at 01698938787 (Lim Ee Chia)

For product information and purchases, please visit