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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Assignment!!!! GonnA KiLL you

It should be a pretty Saturday for students.... Can go shopping, hang out with friends or relax at home... Sound nice rite? Hehehe... But unfortunately, my Saturday is not as relaxing as the others. I have to do ASSIGNMENT!!!! Yesterday, i received a call from my classmate and he mentioned that the assignment due date have brought forward... It juz like a lightning strike on my body and my head is cover with dark clouds...( can imagine what kind of feeling?) As shown in the pic, i juz finished my part a minute ago... but does not mean its completed... Still have to wait for my another partner to check on it and continue do his part then send it back to me to double check the work... said: "have a nice day to me".....

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Sheng said...

Hi, this is Chia's brother =)