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Thursday, November 29, 2007

~Review on BLOGS~

After blogging for quite some time (around 1 months +), I had read a lot of others blogs and leave a comment on their post. Today, a rainy day again. (luckily i move faster back to home before the rain is attacking the small town). I'm have been sitting in front of the computer thinking of what am i going to write today. I visited again to blogs i'm familiar with. Here comes the sudden brilliant inspirations from my brain. Why don't i write a reviews on others blogs better than just reading their blogs personally. So, i decided to pick up some blogs to write on. (p/s: to the selected bloggers, thanks to me AR!!!!! Hehehehe.....) These are some of the blogs that i found its quite interesting to read with a cup of hot coffee beside you. Perhaps, you may need some snacks (not snake ar) such as Mister Potatoes, Pringles, Twisties and etc. Why i said those blogs are worth to read? Let me start by introducing each of them.

1. BB Marketplace

This is the blog where u can gather information about what exist in the IT industry (recommended for those who are in love with IT, probably IT freak). Probably u might not interested in it, but try to view it.

2. Flux

This guy always crapping about the happenings around him. His blog is quite creative and there are more posts will coming soon on his blog. But i think he will stop blogging for bout few weeks (not more than 1 month) coz he is scratching his bore head and squeezing his brain preparing for the horrible final exam.


Is a charming girl's blog that also crapping about the happenings around her. Actually, it is more to diary where she drop down her daily life in the blog. (I thought diary is for personal.. but dun care laR). U might found some funny incidents in her blog too..... Its really funny.

4. Geek Goddess

A singaporean who is struggling for her exam in NUS right now, MMm.... about her blog... juz like the previous 'xiao mei mei' and 'xiao di di' crapping about her life... but her blog is more to her personal expression and experience.....

5. Merdurian

A blog that posting new findings, online stuffs, culture and bla bla bla..... I only know the blogger is a female after i saw her displayed pic. (Merdurian sound like a guy nickname hor..... dun mind ar merdurian)

Hehehehe..... these are the blogs i found its quite interesting (personal opinion aR)....... So, if you guys discover any other blogs that are quite interesting as well... DO remember to inform me ya, coz i like to read and snatch the ideas from them as well. Of coz, i wouldn't be so stupid to repost their contents... Juz wanna to get some extraordinary inspirations from my smart little brain. (Yeah!!! i'm praising myself..... Admit it oh!)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


First and foremost, i would like to say that i'm a newbie in blogging. I joined ADVERTLETS, NUFFNANG and GOOGLE ADSENSE too (earn some side income instead of juz blogging around, at least can cover part of my utilities fees). All the while, i always thought ADVERTLETS provides more opportunities for the bloggers to earn some pocket money than NUFFNANG. Eventually, i found this is not true (personal opinion). Why? bcoz NUFFNANG has sent me email told me i have three incoming ads to my blog (2 hav been placed, 1 next week)..... And the earning are much higher than what i expected.

But, ADVERTLETS does not act the same way. Why? Coz they only provide CPC ads rather than CPM ads. (Nuffnang also provides CPC ads as well). I was so upset with the services provided by ADVERTLETS and I hope ADVERTLETS could take this into CONSIDERATION.

Below are some of the ways that ADVERTLETS could do to make the blogger more happier.
1. Instead of providing CPC ads, provides CPM ads as well to qualified acc holder (blogger).
2. Set minimum cash out amount to RM50. (RM100 is too long for some to accumulate)
3. Set up a forum/discussion corner (e.g Nuffnang Innit) to increase bloggers traffic.
4. Set up a traffic indicator to let the blogger who had visited their blog and where they came from (poll is not accurate).

Currently, these are some of the ways how Advertlets can improve itself..... Nuffnang well done! Advertlets work hard!!! advertisers+bloggers = money+happy <--- still remember??? Nuffnang had done so.... How about you, ADVERTLETS?

p/s: all viewers @ readers are welcomed to drop some comments on this post.. Thank you

Today's incident....

it suppose to be a very happy ending day for me, but things seldom goes well in my life (i mean for this 21 years)..... First, my parents are going for a vacation today to for 10 days and i was left behind. (Arrr...... coz i'm having my short semester). However, i wish them have a happy holidays and sweet memory during their vacation (dun deliver me another brother/sister ya). Dats fine. i admit it becoz education is much more important than vacation.

Next, when i was going to a briefing (stupid briefing dat i should not attend coz i had sacrifice my zzzz..... time counting sheeps to 100) for the elective subjects that we are 'forced' to take in the next semester. The damn hot burning weather was killing me. My head seem like burning as well as my body too (eat curry mee oso not that 'cham'). During the briefing, actually i had made decision to take Economic as my elective, but the lecturer looks like trying to force us to take Product Management. Ok! seems the passing rate is higher and i'm interested in it also (Blueks... Talk shit rite?)... So, i decide to take it. Briefing end....

When i walked back to my lovely, warm little house. Oh my goD, the sky suddenly turn dark.... (juz like in the movie "THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW") Until the half way, my dearest brother (because of same surname) called me and asked me to pay him RM50... Oh shit, i only left RM70 (still have to pay because i owe him)......After paid, only left RM20 in my small tiny wallet. Anyone can 'ah long' me some money??? Perhaps my little brother can.... Hehehe.....

This is what happens today. What's coming up next??? I also dunno. Juz hope things go well.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ANYONE who knows POCOYO???

I'm suppose to grab my books and flip through every single page to start study for my final exam (I did so about 3 hours before), but coz of my proactive fingers that always miss the keyboards. I cannot defeat them and end up sticking on the chair in front of my computer. So, here i started to click on this click on that... Discover sumthing new juz like i'm working as the Discovery Channel crews.

This comes when i was clicking on one of my friend profile in Friendster, i found this picture is so cute and chubby. I was so curious to know about that character and i found the character in the newspaper as well. Hehehehe.... Finally, i found the POCOYO official website and the description about the character. "Pocoyo is a pre-school animated cartoon series about a young boy who dresses in blue and who is full of curiosity. Viewers are encouraged to recognise situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him." - quoted from wikipedia. The purpose of this programme is to let the viewers especially kids to learn while have a laughter during watching TV. (I'm wondering whether am i so outdated, the programme has been released for a long time but i never realize.... haiz..........)

For those who are interested with it, u may login to the official website at or the official blog at

Monday, November 26, 2007

Why Male models are not used in Car Ads????

Are you a car lover? Do you own a car? Do you read Car's Magazine (e.g: Motor Sports)? If yes, you can pay attention on the advertisement. You will notice almost all the car ads are using female models rite? Why male are not used to help the car's company to advertise? I'm considering about this matter..... but after i read the mail sent to me.... i'm freaking shock with the photos that differentiate female and male as car make me laugh to death.... Hahaha...... however, whether thats true or not. I will leave it to all of you to judge.... Have a nice day......

It looks weird using men for car ads rite? Lolz.........

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Robinsons at The Garden (Midvalley New Wing)

To all the Malaysian readers, here is a good news to all of you. For your information, i'm now working for Robinsons as a part time promoter.

Eventually, i heard the top management had announced there will be a 'crazy sales' started within this few days. This seasonal sales is regarding this coming Christmas festive which falls on 25th December 2007. The top management wishes this sales may sparkle your Christmas with joyful, so 'Nostalgia Christmas' is the theme to represent the unique in Robinsons. 20%-70% discount will be given to any purchases for the selected items. SO, PLEASE TAKE THIS CHANCE TO GRAB ALL THE MERCHANDISES U HAD WISHED FOR A LONG TIME... Don't miss the chance.

Date: 28th November 2007 - xxth December 2007.
Venue: Robinsons at The Garden, MidValley
For further information about the store, please login to

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!!!!!!

After a year, here comes back 'Thanksgiving Day'.... actually, what is thanksgiving Day? I don't really understand what's the celebration of the Day.... But how i know about it? It was just a bout few days ago, when i was surfing on the net... because of my homepage is set to, so usually once i opened the IE, Yahoo! homepage will pop out... That was the time i found this 'Day'... i was so surprised because i never noticed about it before (i have used internet for how many years... mmmm.... forget about it). because of the 'phrase' always appeared on the screen, so i was so curious to know about it.... Immediately i clicked on the link...... The rest you should know laR....

SO, thats how i found 'Thanksgiving Day'.... from the Wikipedia, it explains 'Thanksgiving Day' as 'Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, is a traditional North American holiday to give thanks to God at the conclusion of the harvest season. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States and on the second Monday of October in Canada.'

To know more about it, you may login to

Hehehe.... I'm still blur with this festival.... but anyway, to all my American, Canadian and etc readers, Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving Day.....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Get Your iPod Charged.......

Do you own an iPod now? is it runs out of battery? Electricity breakdown? Oh my god, how am i going to charge my iPod? How? I can't live without my iPod... Arrrr............... I want my iPod's life back....

If this situation really happened on you, don't worry... I juz came across from YOUTUBE and i found this video. Its quite interesting and does it really works? Believe it or not... Its up to you....

What's your Blog's ReadIng Level????

cash advance

Cash Advance Loans

Very proud as my blog reading level is for 'genius' readers... however, i still wondering and suspect whether my blog's contents qualified with the recognition or not... but i believe all of you will understand what i'm writing about. So, to all my readers, you guys are 'genius' too. how's bout yours??? please send me a reply as you had identified your blog's reading level.. Thanks....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ReaLLy a Bad Day!!! Arrrrr....................

Is it a fate or it just about i had done sumthing wrong ending punished by the GOD? Everything goes well the days before, but today its really a 'black' tuesday for me. Looking at the sky outside from the windows, the weather goes well. People on the road are passing by with joyful, smiling face and chit-chatting with each other.But in my own world, its full with disaster, lonely and sadness. Everything from my eyes reflect with 'gray' and 'dark' colors only.I tried to cheer up but it ends even worst. I tried to preview the video i had posted on 18.11.2007 but yet i still cannot make myself feel better. So, my dear readers, what should i do? Arrrr............... i feel like kicking 'someone' ass even she's a female...

My Blog Is Purely Clean!


Atlanta Dating

How's your blog rated?

Monday, November 19, 2007

Animated Robinson..... (not really a robinson crusoe)

Hehehehe... here's another short film created by VFS. As i was watching the short film, it reminded me of a story called 'The Robinson Crusoe". Although this story might not be the same as how i was thinking in your mind, but its worth to watch it. SO, lets roll out!!!!! Lets have some break and enjoy this 2:55mins short film with you... Have a nice day

Sorry... Sorry..Sorry....

it should be the day to post 'Journey To The East Episode 3', but due to certain circumstances, I have no idea to continue with it. So, i would like to say "SORRY" for any inconvenience caused. However, i will still continue to post others contents.

p/s: more interesting contents is coming up soon. Stay tuned to my blog and track more posts. Have a nice day

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Make Money With Ur Blog.....

Are you a blogger? Wanna make money with your blog instead of just blogging around? If yes, let us join Advertlets today at

Lets Have a Quick Laugh!!!!!

I was feeling bored to my wits a minute ago, hence the random clicking on all websites. That was when youtube popped out in my mind. As i viewed the latest posted videos on the homepage. Instantly, i notice about this video. After viewing this video, its really funny and the funniest part at the end of the video clip is priceless. SO, if u r in a bad mood now. You may cheer up yourself by watching this video clip... Hehehehe....

Journey To thE EaST...... episode 2: Borneo Nature & Wildlife (Sarawak)

Its me again... Well, on 17 November 2007, I had drove you guys enjoying the Sarawak's attractions. Today, I will bring you guys to explore and experience the nature and wildlife available in Borneo island ( maybe you will discover new species and you will become another member for Discovery Channel. So, must try it).

The Pinnacles are a series of 45-metre high limestone formations that protrude skywards in the shape of spikes. Located on the way to Api Mountain in Mulu Park, reaching the Pinnacles is a tough climb which requires a certain degree of fitness. The reward is a fantastic view of the limestone spikes that you can even explore and climb around.

Semenggoh Wildlife Rehab
This is a reserve in Sememggoh for the famous primates of Borneo ��������� the Orang-Utan. In this 740-hectare reserve, orang-utans are set free and taught survival skills so that they can return to the wild. There is also a plank walk cutting through the surrounding forest for you to view the variety of trees that grow here.

Matang Wildlife CentreThe Matang Wildlife Centre is about 35 km away from Kuching in Kubah National Park. Here, endangered wildlife species are kept in either large rainforest enclosures or cages. Orang-Utans are also kept here and taught survival skills to readapt to the wild. Other animals you can see here include Sun bears, Sambar deer and civet cats. There are also three large aviaries housing hornbills and eagles.

Miri Crocodile Farm

The Miri Crocodile Farm houses more than a thousand salt and freshwater crocodiles in enclosures on the 22-acre grounds. Besides seeing the crocodiles feed and bask in the sun, you can explore the mini-zoo which houses monkeys, birds and other animals. Visitors can purchase crocodile-related merchandise here as well.

Jong's Crocodile Farm
Jong���������s Crocodile Farm is 29 km away from Kuching. Established in 1963, the farm predominantly bred and raised crocodiles for the leather trade but was later converted into a mini-zoo. Other animals you can find here include deer, wild boars, gibbons, bears, iguanas and birds. Make sure to catch the feeding times in the afternoons to see these awesome creatures in their element.

Satang Island
The Satang Islands are a special place for Green turtles to come and lay their eggs. Located near Santubong, these islands have been gazetted as a turtle sanctuary and collection of eggs for the dinner table has been banned. Here, you can visit the nurseries and see how the rangers collect, monitor and release them to sea.

Gunung Murud
Gunung Murud is Sarawak���������s highest peak located in the Kelabit Highlands. At 2,423 meters, the mountain was first conquered by Swedish explorer and naturalist Dr. Eric Mjoberg in 1922. Today, the mountain is a popular place for researchers who come to study its rich flora and fauna.

After enjoying the pictures and the brief description, I believe some of you are considering of going to Kuching. You are welcome!!!!!

Attention: Coming up Next- Sarawak Rivers~ Lemanak, Skrang and Rejang

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Journey To thE EaST...... episode 1: Kuching, Sarawak

Officially, I'm a Malaysian coming from the East Malaysia and yet my hometown is in Kuching, Sarawak. I still remember when i first came to Kuala Lumpur to further my study, I was asked by my classmates with several questions and i had to scratch on my head when answering those questions. The questions are as below:
1. Where do you stay? on top of the tree or stay in a cave? (fuh.... wat kind of question is that? don't you study geographic?)
2. what type of transportations do you ppl use? Boat? (Hahaha.... sounds like Sarawak is a 'waterpark' with no grounds on the 'largest' land in Malaysia.)
3. when you stay in Sarawak, do you ppl used to wear banana leaves? (What da Hell is that.... Still thinking we are still living in Paleolithic age )

Quite Funny right? but dun laugh... they really think like this before. So, today I would like to bring all of you to have a 'journey to the east'.....

Sarawak Background

Sarawak, like Sabah, was ruled by the Brunei Empire until the arrival of the British adventurer James Brooke in the early 19th Century. He helped to quell an uprising against Brunei by the natives, and was given the title of Sarawak���������s Rajah in return. Establishing a dynasty of ���������White Rajahs���������, Brooke and his descendants ruled till the Japanese occupation during World War II in 1945. After that, Sarawak was ceded to the British Authorities until it became a part of Malaysia in 1963.

Just like Sabah, Sarawak has a diversity of indigenous groups, up to 28 in fact. Each has their own distinct culture, traditions and skills. The main tribes are the Iban, who make up the majority, followed by the Bidayuh, Melanau and Orang Ulu.

Sarawak Attraction

Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, built along the banks of the Sarawak River. It is also very near the coastline, about 32 km away from the sea. A tranquil location, Kuching has some nice landscaped parks and gardens, classic colonial buildings, colourful markets and a beautiful waterfront called the Kuching Waterfront. This place has been transformed into an esplanade, making it a great place to stroll around and relax. It is also the commercial point of Kuching.

Damai Beach
This is Sarawak���������s most popular and scenic beach. Damai, located on the Santubong Peninsula, is about 35 minutes away from Kuching. Besides the beautiful sandy beaches to relax on, you can engage in water sports such as jet-skiing and windsurfing. The rich jungle in the background is also suitable for trekking and climbing. Bird-watchers will enjoy sighting a variety of birds such as Sandpipers, Egrets, Terns, Collared kingfisher, the White-bellied Sea Eagle and Brahminy Kites.

Islamic Museum (recommended for Muslims)
The Islamic Museum in Kuching, opened in 1992, was originally a Malay college but now houses seven galleries displaying elements of the Islamic culture and religion. They are divided into; History of Islam in Sarawak; Islamic Architecture; Science, Technology, Economics, Education and Literature, Music, Costumes and Personal Ornaments, Weaponry, Decorative Arts, Domestic Utensils and a Quran Collection.

Chinese History Museum (if you are a chinese, you MUST take a visit)
Built in 1912 but officially opened as a museum in 1993, the Chinese History Museum was originally a court for the Chinese community in Kuching. The museum depicts the rich history of Sarawak���������s diverse Chinese groups. Visitors will learn about their origins, traditional skills and culture through the exhibits here.

Sarawak Cultural Village
Located 35 minutes away from Kuching in Santubong, the Cultural Village is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting the cultural heritage of Sarawak���������s major ethnic groups. Catch a glimpse of the lifestyles of major indigenous groups such as the Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu. There���������s even a cultural performance consisting of songs, dances and entertainment which you can watch here.

Sarawak Museum
Completed in 1891, this old museum in Kuching is the permanent housing place for local native arts and crafts as well as collections of local animals. The ground floor is a gallery dedicated to Sarawak fauna, with specimens of wildlife on display. The west wing, on the other hand, teaches about the history of the oil industry in Sarawak. At the first floor, various ethnographic artefacts are displayed such as models of traditional longhouses, musical instruments, various kinds of fish and animal traps, handicrafts, boats and other things.

Tua Pek Kong Temple
Located at Tunku Abdul Rahman Street in Kuching, it was built in 1856 and the oldest Tua Pek Kong temple in Sarawak, the Siew San Teng is a main tourist attraction, particularly among westerners.

Fort Margherita
Built in 1879, the Fort was used by the Brooke dynasty to guard the Sarawak River. It was named after the second Rajah, Charles Brooke���������s wife. Inside, you will find a police museum that depicts the punishment inflicted upon criminals.

The Astana
The Astana is a palace built by Rajah Charles Brooke in 1870 by the Sarawak River, but is now the official residence of Sarawak���������s Yang Di-Pertuan Negeri, or Governor. Visitors are allowed to stroll in the Astana��������� beautiful landscaped gardens which are decorated with artefacts. The palace is open to visitors during the Hari Raya festival.

For more information, you can log in to

Friday, November 16, 2007

Holidays COming SooN! or Perhaps Is ArriveD... HurraY!!!

School holidays are coming soon. Perhaps, some of the schools have started the holidays. Most of the time, parents will take their children for a vacation during the holidays. However, some of them have no ideas where to go due to variety of choices.
So, i'm here today to introduce some of the places where are suitable for different segment of visitors. Today, i will introduce some 'Malaysia Higland Retreats'.

Cameron Highland
(Tea Plantation)

Peaking at 2,000 meters above sea-level, Cameron Highlands in Pahang resonates with the beauty and coolness of spring season, similar to that of a moderate-climate country.

Roses grow abundantly here, a paradox in this hot and humid country. And just like the flowers, the people of Cameron���������s three main townships; Ringlet, Tanah Rata and Brinchang, beam with a radiant fairness, the effects of basking in pure mountain air each day.

Having such good weather; strawberries, tea and vegetables such as broccoli are grown here, earning it the name ���������Green Bowl of Malaysia��������� as the produce supplies the needs of other states.


Every weekend, city sleepers head to Cameron highlands to enjoy the rejuvenating environment, a break from smog and smoke. It is also affords them the rare opportunity of picking tea leaves, plucking freshly-bloomed strawberries and cashing in on the cheap corn, celery and other greens.


There are plenty of elegant English-styled resorts and even some cosy inns, pretty chalets and comfortable rest houses for accommodation. Located approximately 45 km away from Tapah in Perak state, Cameron Highlands is the perfect getaway for those looking for rest from the rush of urban living.

Fraser's Hill Hotels

Fraser���������s Hill was discovered by a Louis James Fraser in the early 19th century, who himself mysteriously disappeared from the hill one day. Originally a coal mine, Fraser���������s Hill has today become one of Malaysia���������s most popular highland destinations. With a cooling countryside and rich natural heritage, Fraser���������s Hill attracts golfers and bird-watchers from across the country. Historical, colonial-styled bungalows still scatter the landscape, many turned into resorts to accommodate guests for the weekend.

A sanctuary for over 260 species of local and migratory birds, Fraser���������s Hill is perfect for those who love watching feathered creatures in their element. Annual events include the International Bird Race where participants will try to outdo each other to sight, identify and record as many local species as possible. Some of the birds you can see here include the mountain imperial pigeon, silver-eared mesia, mountain tailorbird, rhinoceros hornbill, long-tailed sibia and chestnut-capped thrush.

There are a few waterfalls that brim with crystal-clear mountain water around the hills of Fraser. Jeriau waterfalls are located about 4 km from the town center, the nearest one. Visitors can also visit Allan���������s Water a former reservoir where you can boat and fish. Another 15 km away from Fraser���������s Hill is the Telaga Waterfall, a bigger, more scenic area to picnic.

Visitors can also check out other waterfalls near Fraser���������s Hills and Raub including Lata Berembun, Jeram Besu , Lata Jarum and Lata Lembik.

Bukit Tinggi

At 1,000 meters above sea-level, Bukit Tinggi is the latest highland escape in Pahang, a mere 45 mintues drive away from Kuala Lumpur. The entire place is a concept resort-township brimming with recreational and cultural attractions. In addition, Bukit Tinggi is set among rugged hills and lush mountains, a perfect getaway for nature-lovers. Families and friends should head to Bukit Tinggi to enjoy the entertainment, recreational and dining opportunities listed below:

- Inspired by the original Colmar Tropicale village in France, Bukit Tinggi���������s version is like a piece for French soil in Malaysia ��������� a postcard picture come alive! Along with the French-themed resort that has 260 rooms, Colmar Tropicale will allow you to sample all things French, such as pizza and pastries from La Flamme Sidewalk Deli, fine dining at La Cigogne, cigars and wine at Le Vin and French bread from La Boulangerie bakery. Frequent street performances also take place in the Colmar Square, a cobblestone central courtyard surrounded by French-inspired buildings.

(Colmar Tropicale)

- The first of its kind outside Japan, the Bukit Tinggi Japanese Village is elegantly built to resemble a picturesque Japanese garden complete with marble footpath, waterfall, koi pond and tea house. Here, visitors can take part in an authentic Japanese tea ceremony or enjoy total relaxation at Tatami Spa.

(Japanese Village)

After introducing the Highlands tourism places, I believe all of you can enjoy the excitement experienced from the vacation.

*More tourism destinations will be brought to you by Lim Ee Chia onwards.