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Monday, September 29, 2008

女人我最大, 牛爾爱美专区, beauty maker+kevin BEAUTY PRODUCTS


Starting now onwards, I do accept PURCHASE ORDER for beauty products from the websites below:




To Purchase:
1. CLICK the above link(s).

2. BROWSE for the product(s) you wish to purchase.

3. COPY the link(s).

4. SEND the link(s) to the email add or MSN provided.

5. RECEIVE replies from the seller.

6. MAKE payment.

7. RECEIVE your beauty care products happily.



Friday, September 12, 2008

Insupro Forte only RM99/= (60 capsules)

Truly Saviour of Diabetics

Insupro Forte is made with plant derived insulin antibody. The insulin used is extracted from 100% natural bitter gourd by advanced bio-technological methods. Each Insupro Forte contains at least 200 □ IU of botanical insulin. Insupro Forte is a molecular plant protein, and is more readily absorbed into our system when compared to animal insulin. Insupro Forte not only helps to bring down the blood sugar level, it also helps repair physically altered □ cells. Insupro Forte not only protects the □ cells, in fact it promotes the production of more □ cells. This increase in healthy □ cells restores the function of pancreas. This property of Insupro Forte differs greatly from the insulin replacement property of conventional medication. On top of that, clinical trials have proven that an overdose on Insupro Forte does not induce hypoglycemia or other side effects.

6 people die from diabetes every minute

Diabetics are up to 2.5 times more likely to go blind compared against the general population. The risk of amputation is even more pronounced, the risk is estimated to be up to 20 times higher than average. Diabetics are 2-3 times more likely to develop cardiovascular problems, and the risk of kidney failure is 17 times higher.

Choose Insupro Forte, the trusted and effective product

  1. Insupro Forte is a high tech product that can improve the blood sugar level in 7-10 days of consumption.
  2. Medically proven in more than 600 case studies in 20 hospitals to be effective in lowering the blood sugar level.
  3. It had been proven by a research done by University Malaya to have similar effects to medicines used in diabetes treatment.
  4. It can replace medicine in the treatment of diabetes (a clinical trial had verified that it has the same properties as Metformin, and is effective up to 86.68%)
  5. Plant derived insulin - each capsule contains 200 □ IU insulin
  6. Naturally derived - safe and without side-effects
Clinically proven, acknowledged by medical professionals!!!

Insupro Forte regulates blood sugar level through the following mechanisms:

1. The orally taken capsule is directly absorbed by the mucous membrane, and helps replenish the external source of insulin.
2. Activate ß cells, resulting in the production of more insulin.
3. Promote the receptiveness of the cells to insulin, and reverse the resistance to insulin. It promotes the synthesis of glycogen, thus lowering blood sugar levels.
4. Increase the number of receptors on the red blood cells; improve the delivery of insulin, resulting in the more effective lowering of blood sugar levels.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

[Pre-order] Mickey MP3 Player 1GB, 2GB, 4GB


  • Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Player
  • Indicator LED
  • Mini USB 2.0
  • Volume up/downNext/Previous
  • 2GB/4GB
  • Fast USB 2.0 transfers
  • Rechargeable Built-in Battery
  • Correspondence OS : Windows98/SE/ME/2000/XP、Mac OS 10、Linux2.4.2
  • Memory : 2GB/4GB
  • Size : 44 x 39.5 x 30mm
  • Weight : 18g (battery included)
  • Battery : rechargeable built-in Li-ion battery (about 5-9 hours)
  • Music File : mp3, wma, asf (8kbps ~ 320kbps)
  • Channel : stereo (L+R)
  • Interface : USB 2.0
  • Signal to Noise ratio: 85dB (consider very high quality; average is 60dB)
Colours Available
  • Black, White, Orange, Grey, Silver, Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Green, Gold
Package Includes
  • Disney Mickey Mp3 Player
  • NeckLace Earphone
  • USB Cable - Charging and Transfering
  • User Manual
  • Crystal Box

1GB - RM75/=

2GB - RM90/=

4GB - RM140/=

For those who are interested in purchasing the above item, please kindly leave your order on the post's comment.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Again, welcome back "BaBy_oN_BoArd" to the blogosphere!!!!!

Today, it will be the exposure of news to all the bloggers and readers about SHOES

In our daily life, we must wear shoes/sandals once we step out from the house rite? At least, we must own a pair of shoes for us to wear it. (unless u r living in the jungle --> aborigines. Then u will not need any pair of shoes in your life). Thus, without our notice, having a pair of shoes has become one of the necessities in our life especially in this modern age.

However, how many people only owning a pair of shoes?

Don't take it too far, just take girls/women as an example. Every single lady normally will have an average of 3, 4, 5, 6...... or even more (sometimes i really dunnoe how to count) pairs of shoes found on the racks. (Haven't count those they have put in the store room as 'collection'), while men normally only need 2, 3 or 4 pairs of shoes will do (sandals, casual shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes).
* the figure shown is just an example =)

So Ladies and Gentlemen, how many pairs of shoes do you have at present? 1? 2? 3? 4? or more?

In B3-4-8, Forest Green Condominium (Bdr. Sg. Long), there are three guys consist of 2 chinese and 1 malay living together in a single unit.

They are students and each of them dominate a room.... As what i had mentioned above, a guy normally will only need 2, 3 or 4 pairs of shoes.... But the guys that live in B3-4-8, Forest Green Coondominium are so different..... U guess each of them is having how many pairs of shoes???? 2? 3? or 4?

Try to guess again!!!!!

Hahahaha!!!!!! It is unbelievable!!!!!!

After calculating all the shoes currently available, we found out there are about 21 pairs of men's shoes and 8 pairs of ladies shoes.... Of coz, there are some that is not shown in the photo.... Its awesome rite????

21 pairs of shoes / 3 persons = 7 pairs of shoes/person
(does not including those hidden shoes)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Detoxification Product Formulated for Cleansing and Toning of Body System

To achieve the best and optimum health condition in normal people, detoxification is required to be done before nourishing. In our everyday life, intake of food incompatible with your blood group for long term will cause the coagulated (clumped) blood antigen-lectin complexes to form toxic products, which will affect every system in human body, such as toxicity, dysfunction or lost of normal body regulatory process. All these will lead to formation of various diseases.

Bio-Refine helps to remove the inner and outer formation of toxins from the cells, thus strengthen the functions of liver, gall and kidney. It helps to ‘scrub off’ damaging lectins buildup over the years from ‘avoid foods’ that you eat. Toxins or heavy metals will be excreted effectively. Moreover, it also assists in metabolism, regulation of hormones in order to achieve a healthy, balanced body.

People who need Bio-Refine are those who always eat ‘wrong foods’ according to their blood type; who have never done any detoxification process before and those with busy, hectic lifestyles which allow them freedom to eat variety of ‘wrong food’ choices all the time.

Why Bio-Refine According to Your Blood Type?
Medical researches have shown that everything we eat is related to our blood group (gene); in other words each blood group has different indications and contra-indications for food. This is because every blood group has specific antigen which must be compatible with the coagulating factors (a type of protein) contained in food. The incompatibility may result in damage to red and white blood cells, as well as the gastrointestinal tract and nervous system, and also may cause tumors and diseases. Hence, eating foods and choosing the formulations right for your blood type is the best assurance to your health.

Main Function
Bio-Refine is an exceptional high quality, high potency detoxification and cleansing supplement for adult of all ages*, designed to prevent adherence of “wrong lectins” from “wrong foods” that you eat, to your blood and organ cells; thus generating a clean and healthy body environment for optimum cell functions. Bio-Refine also cleanse and remove toxins and waste buildup from the body. Pure natural formulation is created safe and free from side effect.

* Not for children below age of 12, pregnant and nursing mothers. Those who are very ill with chronic diseases or surgery, please seek professional advice before taking this product.

Summary on functions of Bio-Refine:
Protects functions of liver
Improves the regeneration of liver
Protects liver against toxin
Enhances detoxification function of liver
Improves gastrointestinal problem
Increases absorption of gastrointestinal system
Improves indisgestion problem
Eliminates flatulence problems
Improves constipation
Diuretic function
Improves blood circulation
Improves and strengthen the functions of heart
Prevents tumor and cancer
Reduces blood pressure
Reduces cholesterol
Enhances the function of blood building

For any purchases, please visit

Friday, May 30, 2008


After waiting for 3 weeks, the result has been released today. I dunno whether i should feel happy or a bit upset. For the past 3 weeks, i was so curious to know when the result will be announced in the intranet (use only when I want to check result and check the holidays). But today, i hope the result will not be announced for forever.


I GoT A 'C+' !!!!

Oh my god! I never seen this appear in my result slips before. This is the 1st time i get 'C' throughout the years I study in this University. At the same time, I never expect I can get an 'A' for Marketing Research In Practice. I have 2 feelings at this moment. One is SHOCK and another one is SURPRISE. One is HAPPY and another one is SAD (anyone who want to eat 'rojak' can take order from me).

Although I got a 'C', but my main concern is still on my CGPA. Luckily, my CGPA still above 3.00. THANKS TO GOD!!!! Even though there is a little fall back from the previous, from 3.48 to 3.44. A 0.04 difference between the results. However, I BELIEVE (as how Easy Pha-max slogan stated) there is one day i can break through 3.5 and above.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Easy Pha-max "Forum Keunggulan PLC"

On 31st May 2008, Easy Pha-max will organize a forum designed for Malays (of coz other races can participate as well) who would like to earn any extra money except for just spending their money in purchasing health care products at PICC (Putrajaya International Conference Centre).

The registration fee is RM198 per person (at this moment) and seats are limited. For those who are interested, you can kindly call me at 016-8938787 (Lim Ee Chia)

From the past years, a lots of people thought that Easy Pha-max having this kind of program is just another fraud scheme (you can visit to read the comments). But today, Easy Pha-max has proved that you will have the chance to get back what you have invested. Although the company cannot 100% guarantee compensate the RETURNS you has invested, but the company has 99% confidence will pay you whatever promised when you do the investment.

In this year, Easy Pha-max has spent RM10 million in their Advertising and Promotion programs throughout the Malaysia. The main objective is to build a brand image in the mind of the customers and target markets.

So, have you seen the advertisements or banners? I believe some of you had saw or read about this company in the newspapers during the past few days.

Before i end the words, I really hope you guys can see the opportunity and will appreciate for what is being placed in front of your eyes. If you miss the chance, you can never chase them back.

For any information inquiries, kindly email me at or call me at 016-8938787.