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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


First and foremost, i would like to say that i'm a newbie in blogging. I joined ADVERTLETS, NUFFNANG and GOOGLE ADSENSE too (earn some side income instead of juz blogging around, at least can cover part of my utilities fees). All the while, i always thought ADVERTLETS provides more opportunities for the bloggers to earn some pocket money than NUFFNANG. Eventually, i found this is not true (personal opinion). Why? bcoz NUFFNANG has sent me email told me i have three incoming ads to my blog (2 hav been placed, 1 next week)..... And the earning are much higher than what i expected.

But, ADVERTLETS does not act the same way. Why? Coz they only provide CPC ads rather than CPM ads. (Nuffnang also provides CPC ads as well). I was so upset with the services provided by ADVERTLETS and I hope ADVERTLETS could take this into CONSIDERATION.

Below are some of the ways that ADVERTLETS could do to make the blogger more happier.
1. Instead of providing CPC ads, provides CPM ads as well to qualified acc holder (blogger).
2. Set minimum cash out amount to RM50. (RM100 is too long for some to accumulate)
3. Set up a forum/discussion corner (e.g Nuffnang Innit) to increase bloggers traffic.
4. Set up a traffic indicator to let the blogger who had visited their blog and where they came from (poll is not accurate).

Currently, these are some of the ways how Advertlets can improve itself..... Nuffnang well done! Advertlets work hard!!! advertisers+bloggers = money+happy <--- still remember??? Nuffnang had done so.... How about you, ADVERTLETS?

p/s: all viewers @ readers are welcomed to drop some comments on this post.. Thank you


Josh Lim said...

Hi! Josh Lim here from Advertlets. In response to your questions:

1. We do offer CPC, CPM and paid posts in fact! However, CPM ads are automatically matched without e-mail notification.

However, if you are matched with a CPM ad you will notice two very obvious things:

(1) your ads will be fixed ads, not rotating ads.
(2) your CPM earnings (under daily earnings section in your account) will increase drastically.

I notice you also only have one ad format installed, which does result in lesser earnings - some ads are only available for other formats, such as the 336x280 ad format.

2. We considered this, however, feedback from bloggers has told us that they would rather not cash out at that low mainly due to the hassle of banking in such a small amount. On our end too, processing a cheque at that low an amount is an administrative inefficiency (not to mention relatively expensive), and we will not take the path of charging bloggers transaction fees to cover that cost.

3. We can't reveal everything, but let's say we have something MUCH better planned to launch very soon :)

4. You can view your earning statistics in the Stats section of your Advertlets account. Most bloggers already have a site traffic meter installed, so we felt it was unnecessary to add another traffic meter into our ad system. However, we will keep your feedback in mind for future revisions.

Thanks for your suggestions, however, hope that my reply clarifies things. Cheers.

Samantha Wong said...

Hello Baby_On_Board!

Thanks very much for supporting Nuffnang!

We, Nuffies, have a lot more work to do, and we are not even halfway there yet(believe it or not)!

Anyways, just want to tell you how we really appreciate you supporting Nuffnang!

Have a great Thursday!

-Samantha of Nuffnang

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

josh lim,
Why there's no email notification? I think it will be better if there is a notice of notification sent to the publisher... Can you consider to send a notification to notify the publisher? Anyway, thanks for your reply & i'm clear with it now... if there's any words which might make you feel uncomfortable.. u can feedback to me.


Josh Lim said...

Baby_On_Board: This is something we considered a while, and in future we'll most likely let members choose whether or not to receive e-mail notifications.

However, keep in mind that we usually have 15-20 campaigns running at any time, and it can be quite daunting if all of them were to be e-mail notified. This is because, we serve ads to other countries as well such as Singapore, China, United States and more...if your blog has traffic from those countries, you will automatically earn. You won't be able to see those ads from here as they are only visible to visitors from those countries.

Perhaps the best idea will be to have a preview tool, when you login into your Advertlets account you can see what ads are running (across other countries), and maybe a monthly campaign update? Let me know on your thoughts. Cheers.

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

Josh Lim,
It might be a good idea as well, at least let the bloggers knows what ads are running on their blogs. There's another question i would like to ask. Lets say if there's an ad that i would not like it to be display on my blog.. can i request to reject it?????

eStee said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts girl! Keep on blogging!!!

lin said...