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Friday, October 26, 2007

Virus Attacked!!!!!

Oh my god, i had missed a class 2day... Why? always there is reason behind the incident. Actually, I had set the alarm to wake me up at 9:30am this morning before i go to bed at around 12am. Its quite early for me to sleep in the previous time. But, human always make changes. I only start practicing to sleep early when my girlfriend stay with me during her holidays. Its a good habit for a normal person. However, when the alarm rang this morning. I about to take the mobile phone to switch off the alarm. I suddenly felt my body is out of my control and i can feel my head is spinning. I'm not even afford to make myself stand up. Its end with lying on the bed. After half an hour, i still trying to make myself stand up. But i had try try try and try again. I failed again. I still cannot stand up. So i give up and make myself sleep again to hope it will be better when i wake up again. I'm wondering why i cannot control my body. Is it a virus attacks that trying to attack my body control system? I'm not a computer, I'm a human.... Why the virus want to attack me?

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