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Friday, October 19, 2007

New Blogger + B.K lecturer.........

Here am i again.... One day 1 post.... New story is always be there waiting for u... hahahha.... 2day, i'm going to write about new blogger!!!! Guess what am i going to talk about... Anyone knows? Ok... let me tell u all guys, 2day i will talk about my housemate... Yeah, he is the new blogger and he just joined it 2day!!!! Lets welcome him!! Alex Lee Yeat Yoong.

Anyway, congratulation to you for joining as a one of the members. I'm very happy and surprise when yesterday i saw him back to KL. For all the while during holidays, he was so busy preparing for moving into a new house in Cameron Highland, a well known place for tea plantation and vegetables supplies. When i first saw him, i was shocked because he is so dark. I thought that is another guy who moved to our house. Hahaha..... He is a very sincere guy and willing to help those who always facing problems. However, beware of him because he is juz a sex maniac like to molest and grope ppl ass. I'm wondering whether he is a 'gay' o not (of coz he is not, i'm juz kidding).

Today, i have attended Bahasa Kebangsaan class. Actually, i never think of going because i thought since i had exempted that particular subject. There is no point i attend that class. But under the classmates pressure, i still make my step to the class............... as what i expected, when the lecturer came in. He asked who had applied for the subject exemption. If i'm not wrong, there are more than 250 students raise their hands. Only left 10-20 students who are taking that subject... i guess the lecturer will be very upset because he never think of his class only will have 10-20 kittens instead of 250 kittens. HAhahha...... with a very sad voice, he announced those who had applied for the exemption can leave the class.

That's all for 2day!!!! please give some comments.... bad or goood oso acceptable.. have a nice day

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