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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bra Talk.......

I just attended my CRM class for both lecture and tutorial this afternoon. It seem to be boring attending the lecture. I thought it will be boring too in the tutorial class. However, its all out my expectation. The tutor looks very fierce and scary when he makes his first step into the room. How to describe him? Mmm...... just give a simple description about him. He is just totally the Malaysia version Hercules and his name is Liew Kok Hong.

When he makes his first word to our class, we assumed he is quite a boring tutor. But, after about half an hour he made his speech. We starting to laugh and enjoy listening to him. He had talked about his experience in the past and why he choose to teach in our college. All of the experiences he had share with us. The most interesting part is when he served for a 'bra' company back in 2002. He was a National Sales Manager when he worked for the Body Fashion (M) Sdn Bhd, a undergarment company. His scope is to manage the sales and look for more opportunities to serve customers better. When reach this point, he seems like very interested in talking the 'bra'. Does it sounds like he is a sex maniac? Of course NO!, through the information and knowledge he shared with us. I just realized that Triumph International is a German's family bussiness from the past to present. I always think that Triumph only provides female undergarment. Actually it is not true, Triumph also provides male undergarment and the brand is familiar to Western country. From the tutor, he told us that Triumph only provides female undergarment instead of male undergarment because Malaysian's perception refuse to accept the product.

After he had told us lots about the 'bra' company, he advised us not to be shame with the topic because he wants to let us know more about successful multinational companies which will help us when doing our writing in our research project and exam. I was so surprised that he is willing to share with us about this 'interesting' topic. I have been in the college 1 1/2 years. There is no lecturer or tutor who will share a lot of their experiences with us. I'm proud of him. Before he ends the session, he told those girls that he knows their 'size'. The class finally ended with claps and laughing sounds.

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