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Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Semester!!!!!!!!!!!!

At last, the new semester has arrived. It seems like very happy to start a new semester because in fact of having 5 subjects normally. We only have have 2 subjects for this semester after 1 subject is exempted. However, there is always a bad news behind the happiness. One of the bad news is we have classes from Monday to Friday. It is not a good thing for me (actually is everyone) because with the average, we only have 1 class a day. It is such a waste in term of time and money. The second thing is the arrangement of the timetable. I use to prefer have classes in the morning, but the timetable has disappointed me. All the classes are arranged to hold in the afternoon session. The hot and unpredictable wheather is torturing me since i'm using my legs as my transportation tool to take me to the class. Sometime, when i'm just about to step out from my staying place to head on to the college. The cloud will suddenly turn dark and starting to rain cats and dogs. Isshhh.......

However, i'm still proud having the school lifetime and i will appreciate it because there is 1 day we still need to step into the working society to give a little contrbution to the country.

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flux said...

wah got blog page edi more of ur life ok..lolz