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Monday, October 22, 2007

So Happening...

Hehehe..... should i consider this is the punishment from the God? All the while, my house mates always locked their keys inside their room and I always laugh at them because i thought as long as a person always keep an eye on certain subjects. It is impossible for one to make mistake. Unfortunately, this theory does not work every time.

Today, when my friend said he wanted to come and fetch me. I was so happy because I no need to walk to my college with my precious legs. Of course, things do not always go well. When the time he reached outside my condominium, he miscalled me. For sure, I was so panic because i was only half ready. So i just simply keep all the materials needed for the sessions later. Then i locked my door and closed it. When i just about to wear my shoes. I realized that i left my keys inside the room... Sad... No spare keys.. What to do? Money is everything at this moment, i asked my house mate to call the locksmith to open the door but RM30 will be charged. Want or not? Its all up to you.

Moral behind this story: Make sure you always prepare another spare key to put it into your wallet, pencil case or in your bag to prevent from inviting the locksmith and pay him RM30 for the visit.

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