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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shopaholic SpiriT revealed!!!!!!


I shoud write this post yesterday, but u know laH.... ShoooooPing the whole day is damn tired.... So, i delayed the post until today at this time..... (start writing at 11.00pm)

What to say? All i can said yesterday was JusT FanstastiC and ReLaxIng!!!!!!!!!!!! HurraY!!!! After two months din go for shopping, at last i was able to complete part of my sHopping yesterday.

Guess!!!!! Where had i been to.........

I know u guys wouldn't GUESS d........... Just look at the picture below, I believe u recognized them.


YES!!!!!!! Dats the places i visited yesterday. These two places were just enough for me to spend my whole precious day. (why? coz yesterday was my off day.... u shud noe what i mean rite?)

Anyway, I enjoyed the day together with my girlfriend!!!!!!!

and of coz we had bought something..... Although not much we had bought, but it still an amount there.

SEE!!!!! WE BOUGHT........

J.CO Donuts from Pavilion ( 1 piece was eaten after bought)

These donuts really melted me while i'm in queue to wait for my turn.

Cosmetic case bought from Watson for my lovely one (actually i bought it coz i can get it cheaper using PwP)

3D christmas card (since i don't have any real christmas tree, so i bought it to convince myself)

2 Polo shirt from Sub Zero (fuck!!!! its damn xpensive.... Look simple rite? They cost me RM184... Oh my goD!!!! Actually, xpensive or not aR???)

Not To ForgeT!!!!! We watched

The movie was so fanstastic until i wish to watch over again.... Let me try to search whether it is available in downloads website... (not i dun wan to pay, i worry i do not afford to pay for the tickets coz it makes me wanna watch again and again... If everytime visit Cinema, they will earn money and i will lost money.. Not fair rite??? Lolz........ Hahaha..... jk laR... don't take it so serious aR.. especially those who are fully support ORIGINAL!)

After all, we make our way back to home.. This doesn't mean it is the end for the day... We did served our dinner at Station 1..... Steak and Steak and Steak!!!!!..... Cool man.... but we were limited to the menu.... The menu only contains two pages and lots of F&B were not found.... But still ok lar the taste... at least still maintain the quality.....

I think thats all my contains today!!!!!!! Haiz...... Anway, on 25th December 2007, i was assigned to take care of my shoes' counter.... Obviously there is no holiday, but i get TRIPLE paid for the day.....


liyiesther.C said...

expensive then don buy lo...

Shalini Gowrisankar said...

Nice way to spend a day .. Glad to know you had fun!

Happy new year to you! :)

curryegg said...

honestly, the price for the couple shirts are ok since it's from sub..
And hey! You work in The Garden? I worked at there for a month le..

And heY! Triple paid? really? aiyoyo... I've missed the chance.. haha..

pamsong said...

Wah! I wouldn't spend such money on polo tees lah. Haha. Those prices are insane!!!

And the movie was good, right? Just that the ending a bit potong steam only.


as long as u r enjoying yo shopping, don't care about the price la!

Azhad said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

WoW said...

Everyone went shopping and spent crazyly. I was bit unlucky cause I had to round and round for ~1hr before finding myself a parking space.sighhh..