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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ghost Buster subsidary Agency --> Corruption Buster!!!!!!

I came across the Yellow Post (free copy) yesterday when i took a piece of it from the monorail station. The headline is talking about Corruption( you know laR..... Malaysia is also 1 of the countries dat are famous with Corruption cases, but why the ranking is at 43? True o not oh.... Dunnoe laR).

Can see from the picture? Corruption-busting D.I.Y <--- does it work? Maybe it works, maybe not. (DIY term mostly is used for ART).... Corruption has became part of the Arts... Hahahaha....... Maybe you might found it's not funny.

From the reading, the guy that wearing 'songkok' named Dato' Abu Zubir Bin Hj. Mahfodz (see picture below)

has suggested the public to fight corruption by DO IT YOURSELF instead of just report to the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) and let them follow up the investigation. (Perhaps the ACA is trying to 'curi tulang' but they can't because there are too many works on their hands. So, they come out with this 'smart' planning.. <--- no offense aR)

However, throughout the passage... I only found two ways to DIY the corruption busting (no inspiration comes into his mind).
1. Ask for delay in paying the bribe to the other party.
2. Photocopy the money or just jot down the cash's serial no. before handing over the bribe to the enforcement personnel. ( The article stated it's a daring approach. Do you think so?)

LAME!!!!!!! COPY CAT!!!!

After all, still have to contact the ACA for backup. Aduh!!!!! What kind of DIY oh.... Haiz.... Lazy to talk more about it edi.... Leave it to u all to discuss about it.... If interested.

p/s: If u had read this article.. Post comments on how you look about this article...... page 5 yellow post, issue 58.


Johnny Ong said...

its all just a show to the public. of late the ACA is releasing news of taking actions of many people but no news on charging and sending them to jail. all this arose after the public has shot the govt for not walking the talk on eradicating bribery. suddenly all this news of actions taken by aca.

Sheng said...

No idea, we chinese rules! Corruption or not, we just have way to survive no matter what.