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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Blog Review 2

Since I'm off duty today, i'm slacking of time. I suppose to wake up at 8am to strive for my final exam which is coming soon on next Thursday, but i ended to wake up at 11am. Oh my god, 3 hour can let me put quite a lot of learning knowledge into my brain's pocket. Hehehe...... Of coz, i never study straight away after wake up. I practice my daily activities again - 'Net Surfing' and ' Sneak into others blogs'.

I found there's quite no. of blogs that are interesting but i decided introduce 3 of them to all of you. Feedback is welcomed on the blogs i recommended.

Its a blog writing about female celebrities... Holy Shit....!!! You might found it interesting if u are a guy as well as if u are a female.. In this blog, you can found a lot of hot, sexy and pretty celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, Milla Jovovich, McDonald Madonna and etc.(Attention: For Guys, after reading. Don't Activate your 'Didi' Oh!!!) WoR!!!!!! I visited the blog and its pretty cool... (download those sexy pic to set as background)...

2. Healthy Aging With

I also forgotten how i gt into this blog.. maybe it pop up by itself or i had sneaked to the wrong webpage. Nevertheless, its fine... I found there are certain articles that had attracted my attention such as 'should FDA reclassify dietary supplements', 'do you meme?' and does it matter you are walking forward or backwards?'. If you are thinking of diet now. You may proceed to this page to take a look on hw to have a healthy diet methods.

3. Steven Goh's Great Food, Travel and Lifestyle

Oh my god, the page is full with photos and they look somehow delicious. Don't read this blog when u feel hungry because it might torture your small tummy. Instead, the blog is quite interesting introducing variety of delicious food throughout the Malaysia region. (Dunno whether Sarawak and Sabah is included or not). For those who love food very much, you can take a tour to this blog and find out more delicious food. (i'm a food lover as well). As well as those who like to travel around, u can get some guides through this page as well.

Happy reading and Happy Blogging...


eStee said...

thx 4 sharing!!

BB COMMUNITY said... review 2, great post!

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

hehehe... thanx 4 ur support. Hope u all will continue to support my blog so that there will be more posts coming up. Thanks a lot.

FeelingFlirty said...

I like your choices!


viv ;=) @ said...

wow...was surprised to see my blog a mentioned, thanks for your support BaBy_oN_BoArd, and lagi best from Kuching! Enjoyed reading your blog too. Cheers and a Merry X'mas^^

WoW said...

hey baby, i spotted my blog there too. Thx for being so kind to 'advertise' my blog.


BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

hahaha... thanx to u all as well.. without ur ppl's blog, i think my blog will 'die'.... cheerS!

Anonymous said...

now I see it!

Anonymous said...

а все таки: неподражаемо! а82ч

Anonymous said...

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