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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A lucky DaY 4 me....

Oh my goD!!!! i never think of myself will be so lucky today... In the past few days, i was totally sticked by a damn big bad luck shadow... it made me feel very frustrated and think of kicking the 'shadow' ass with my ultra powerful foot. However, i failed to do so coz i can't even reached him.


Today, i still holding an unbroken egg for my sales for men's leather shoes.... wat a poor guy am i.. i'm have been holding 'zero' sales for 2 days included today... What a sad case it is. Its ok( even gt sales i also wouldn't receive any commission bcoz i'm just a normal handsome part-timer)!!! coz Robinsons shoppers can be counted with fingers... I never saw others department store having this kind of bad business during sales... 'CONGRATULATION' to Robinsons!!

Why i said i'm so lucky today? Actually, i always keep a very low expectation for the KTM (Kereta Turtle Malaysia) coz they always announced they are facing some technical problems and the train will arrived later..... Later....... Later...... and mostly the expected arrival time shown does not meet the actual arrival time. But today, i get to step into the cabin once i bought the ticket to the pointed destination.... I never meet this kind of situation BEFORE!!!! YEah!!!!! The amazing part was the cabin did not squeezed with a lot of 'nice' smell passengers. Ok.... tu tu tu..... the train reached the destination. I gt down from the train and headed to the bus stop... Once again i shouted 'OH MY GOD'!!!!! the bus to my small town had arrived just about after 5 mins i gt down from the train... This is hw i reached at home in an hour time!!! wahahaha!!!! HOpe this will continue in the future.... May God Bless Me!!!!!!!

p/s: Sorry for stop blogging in the past few days........

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