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Monday, January 14, 2008

English Lesson

Do you know how to speak in English (Just a simple English language)?

Do you know how to write in English (Not glamorous and bombastic words, but simple words)?

Do you believe Japanese doesn't know how to speak proper English?

YES!!!!!! I believe........


Watch it and u will know why i said that.

Is That Funny??? Don't tell me NO
(because i laughed until tears spilled out)


Furkids in Hong Kong said...

LOL you make my stomach painful now :D


MerDuriaN said...

lol this 1 i watched before.. ten ten, ten ten one ten ten two

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

furkids: Hehehe... actually in Japan gt a lot of this kind funny entertainment shows. Hehehe... I watched this before edi. Everytime i watched sure laughed to death d.... Lolz....

merdurian: Yeah!!!! damn funny... i kent tahan when he speaks it out.... Aiyoyo.... i feel sad for the Japanese, but one thing is... Izzit he really dunnoe how to read in english? I have doubt with it...