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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

VIP meeting!!!!!!

Heehehe...... count ad count.... it has been the third day since i din update my post after 20.01.2008.

Actually, this few days i'm really stress with all my assignments and i'm nw under a lot pressure... I'm so worry i cannot finish my assignments on time... Die lo die lo... I need some medicine to cure me...

While i'm waiting for the medicine, I received a mail from Steven Goh saying he will be in KL next week to meet his VIP bloggers, and I'm INCLUDED

Hehehe.... after reading the mail, I believe God has sent a very good medicine for me... It has been a long time i din hang out with FRIENDS.. All the while, they just like to give excuses saying they dun have any cents to yam cha or so forth.... Who is my friend all this while? My Girlfriend lo... and nw her sch reopen le.. and she also always hang out with her friends... and I... become alone at home looking at the four piece of wall....

Thanks to Steven Goh for organizing the ' Exclusive meeting with my Internet VIP fella'.....

No matter how, I WILL ATTEND THE