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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lets Dance Together!

Since I have joined as a member of a GYM club i mentioned in the last post, I realize exercise really provide me a healthier lifestyle (sleep early, live happier, more concern to healthy food and beverage and etc..... bla bla bla) . As promised, I wanna to lose 12kg in 3 months... I went to Gym again this morning to have a short training about an hour.

Instead of going for Gym, playing various kind of sports activities will help one grows and lives healthier.

So, today i'm here to introduce an activity that could counted as one of the exercise's category. I believe you all know what is Dancing right? With a player and CD, perhaps MP4 will do as well. You can dance at anywhere and anytime as you like. As a health concern blogger (from yesterday yesterday), I will bring you a short video clip on dancing. I'm so surprise when i saw their performance. Cool and of coz...... I will let you guys and girls explore it yourself....

What u need to do nw is TURN On your speaker and MAKE SURE the monitor is facing you or you facing the monitor screen. Click the video i posted and wait for loading.... Then, YOU CAN START DANCE NW!!!!! (as shown in the video.. follow their steps)


vickie said...

zzzzzzz baby on board ar... this is your second day of exercice.. so fast show me this kind of comedy clip... what lar... show me your dance clip.!!

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

vickie: dun be so emotional.... Lolz... dun forget, i go for GYM... not dancing... if i dance, i dunnoe how the videocam will be polluted..


hei, u really diet liao arr? hmmm..then i shall diet too, else will lose u liao,hehe~
besides, u've been mentioned this time:

Steven Goh said...

wah lau. if you ever dance like the clip shown, please let me know I am willing to pay for the ticket.

Melisa Marzett said...

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