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Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008!!!! New Semester ---> New Look

Here again i back to my 80 square feet's room and prepare myself for my new semester which will start by TOMORROW. There's an incident i met this afternoon when i try to log in to my blog page... (u know laR, i always concern about my readers and preview my blog status), I encountered i kent log properly to my blog page..... Then i try try try try again.. Still the same... I wondering whether my blog is hacked by sumone (mb they jealous with my cool blog) or system down.. So, i tried to log into others' blog as well.... The same thing happened again except only for a few are remained normal. So, i juz end up reading Merdurian's blog... Luckily i read her blog, only i able to set my blog back to NORMAL... ITS ALL ABOUT ADVERTLETS.... Haiz...... U all shud know lar hor.... (for advertlets members).... Yeah!!!!! I removed all my advertlets ads...... Thanx to Josh Lim, because of him... We cannot log in to our page properly... (notice via mail also din sent)...

Forget about it..... Lolz....... Lets have some pictures of myself.... I went shopping again yesterday at

together with
me, my lovely one, ah hung and ah jung

Three girls and one guy shopping at this two places.... They bought a lot but i bought ntg except for
a hair cutting

HANDSOME and CUTE (before and after)


a new pair of spectacles

Classic and gentleman ---> Style and rugged

After all, we head to Pavilion to............................................ BUY J .CO Donuts again... I really addicted with the donuts, they are fresh and delicious. I bought two dozen while it only cost me RM35.00 (include the GST) and we ate them all once when we back to home. Its finger licking Good. (oooppsss... i used the KFC slogan)

Thats all our journey for yesterday.... Although all of us were tired, but we really enjoyed the day. As a shopaholic, I have spent more than i earned. Anyway, the most important is

Wuhuhu..... back to Advertlets. Hope Josh Lim can settle the domain's prob ASAP as this prob has caused a lot of inconvenience to the bloggers who places advertlets ads on their page...



Abby said...

EH UR NEW GLASSES NICE! u look loads better!
happy new yr or what, right? hehe

MerDuriaN said...

Oh ya, on that day, most of the bloggers were talking about this issue on Innit-NuffNang too, and now no need worry already because Adverlets domain was back to normal

wah supposed to be new year = new look? Got new spec looks more handsome leh.. where got people 1 day went to 2 shopping center 1? crazy huh? LOL

BaBy_oN_BoArd said...

abby: thanx for ur comment... i love it... LOlz.... shud say Happy CHinese New Year when its coming... New Year also can laR

merdurian: u r the 2nd person who said i'm good looking... Shud be Handsome laR... actually, i used to be handsome all the time... Only no ppl notice about my existence. I can do dat... i'm the one who shop two shopping mall in a day.. Hehehe...

p/s: dun forget i'm a shopaholic

lin said...