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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Easy Pha-max on TV!!!!!

For those who don't know, u must catch it

For those who know about it, please continue to watch it!

Started from 22-04-2008 to 10-06-2008, Easy Pha-max has been scheduled on TV3 Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) TV program for 7 weeks to introduce the background of the company, continue with the products, distribution channels, marketing activities and etc..... Below is the schedule:

For more information, please visit
call me at 01698938787 (Lim Ee Chia)

For product information and purchases, please visit


Sudhakar said...
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Sudhakar said...

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vickie said...

actually before that i have surfed easy pha max's page... its a flash plus quite slow.... i don't know the objective of easy pha max zzz

lin said...