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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lets Watch This VidEo!!!!!!!

Still remember the case of Edison Chen caught in SEX scandal with several Hong Kong female artists?

Today, I would like to post a video edited by a Chinese about Edison. I just watched it and i really laughed to death.

Its quite funny and all i can say is he/she is so creative and talented!!!!!!!!!

Go! go! go! go!


Steven Goh said...

woo... nice one for Edison, actually this is not the scandal movie, I prefer that 1. Btw, long time didn't see you around after you get back from Sarawak. Welcome back. Do keep in touch :)

vickie said...

wakkaka this 1 I watched yesterday liow... but then really good work hahaha especially the part where Simon Yam asked Edison how he able to asked those girl to .....

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lin said...